The day ahead….

Why do we miss certain people.. Who mean so much to us.. Maybe having
someone who can be by our side at all times makes life worth living..
🙂 🙂 A major hard disk crash took out most of my files at a
computer centre where i design my work.. Sorta frustrating.. Tried
using a file recovery tool.. Could only recover a paltry four files..
All the rest couldn’t be recovered and i cant afford professional data
recovery.. 🙁 Guess its back to the drawing board for me.. I have my
lab session tomorrow.. A solid three hours.. Gives meaning to the word
‘drag’… Afternoon, its an Extra Departmental Course or EDC for
short.. Its a course which we are allowed to choose from a wide
variety of papers from a department other than ours.. I’d chosen
‘Event management and Marketing’ hoping it would prove useful for me
when it comes to managing my department function – ‘Gateway’ some
months away.. Course is sorta ok.. Drives most of us to sleep most of
the time.. 🙂 🙂 Its almost the end of my college life.. Hardly some
months more.. All of us have to part and go our separate ways.. I want
to stay in touch with everyone….. Started another blog for my class,
which anyone can post.. Hope it is well received.. Haven’t told
anybody other than a few.. Assignments, friends, lab, fun…
Everything seems to be drawing towards a close.. Feel sick when i
think about it….

My first proper mobile post!

This is my first proper post from my mobile.. I’m presently attending a
marriage of a relative of mine.. Someone whom i dont remember meeting
before.. Came on my dad’s request.. My cousin, Rakesh is with me..

Was thinking about the way technology has made all of
us closer.. My dad kept introducing me to people whom he had last met
years ago.. No contact whatsoever all these days.. The same cannot be
said in these days with the advent of communications.. Email, mobiles,
telephones.. Its almost impossible to lose contact with anybody

Technology has made this world a lot smaller place!
And I ain’t complaining! 🙂 🙂