Google – Indian Languages Realtime Transliteration

Some days back, I checked out the Google Indic Transliteration service. I was amazed at the way the guys have implemented it!! It is dissimilar from most other transliteration services in many ways. Here, you get the word in your selected language, say tamil the moment you type a word in english and hit the space bar or a punctuation symbol. If the spelling appears incorrect, clicking on the word gives you more suggestions and the word can also be edited as needed.

I found that it worked like a charm for most words, which I verified with some of my friends as I am weak in Tamil. Hindi seemed to work fine too and a friend of mine said Kannada was also transliterating to their respective correct spellings! Way to go guys!! The languages currently supported by this application are Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. It works better if you type a word in English which a English speaking person would pronounce correctly, for example, in tamil, the word “portions”(English) would not transliterate correctly, but typing “poshuns” seemed to do the job >:-)

Check out Google Indic Transliteration!

Army admits to stray bullet

Following my last post about the stray bullet that hit Niharika Jeena, I took today’s newspaper, again turned to page 3 and found an article informing that the Army had admitted that there were firing sessions that were going on around that time at the military camp.

The army had denied this fact earlier! An army official had told the Times of India that a DSC(Defence Security Corps) unit was engaged in firing practice around that time. The bullets were the same, and the bullet had apparently travelled 4 kilometers before hitting her! I couldn’t find an online version of that article, looks like it hasn’t been uploaded or something, but you can take a look at the e-paper provided by the Times of India.

Now that they have confirmed it, it remains to be seen whether they take the necessary steps to prevent bullets from going all over the city.

Dude where’s my Kevlar?!!

I woke up this morning, it was a normal day, opened my door and picked up the newspaper! Read the headlines hmmm… Turned to page 3 and wtf?!

Stray bullet injures techie

I was intrigued and continued reading! Apparently a lady by name Niharika Jeena, an employee with Cognizant Technologies was returning home when something hit her. This happened at the Ejipura Signal, next to the Intermediate Ring Road, Bangalore, holy crap!! Thats the route I have been taking every working day for more than a year now!! Apparently it hit her in her abdomen and then she was taken to the hospital by some wise passer-by in an autorickshaw. She is said to be out of danger now, thank god!

But now I am paranoid about taking that exact route and was almost bracing myself for impact on the way home! The cause for this unfortunate incident is suspected to be the Iblur Military Camp which is in the vicinity where routinely firing practice takes place. Apparently a bullet could have ricocheted and taken a different direction to the road, though the army vehemently denies that the bullet could have come from one of its weapons, saying that firing was stopped at 2:oo PM that day and this incident happened at night around 7:15 PM.

Getting fired at your job is one thing. Getting fired on your way back from your job is a totally different thing! I hope they investigate and find the root cause for this, or if nothing is taken up, I guess all of us using that route should add a kevlar helmet and a kevlar jacket to our ebay wish lists and hope we dont get fired at either end!

A Formula 1 Circuit in India!!

India is most probably hosting a Formula 1 Grand Prix – The ‘Indian Grand Prix’ sometime in 2009 – 10! This is splendid news considering there are a lot of F1 fans who are waiting for exactly this thing to happen, After some false promises that the first circuit in India would be at Hyderabad, this time around, New Delhi is expected to get the track built in its soil! Lets hope for the best!!

I cant wait to watch my first Grand Prix from the stands! Guess you are as excited as I am!

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