Cycling Trip – Bangalore to Hosur

Background: Inspired my room-mate Sunil, to get a cycle. He purchased one yesterday, and then we contemplated to do a long ride, having never done anything over 50kms before (office commute is a total of 22km~ spread over the start and end of a day, hence not as tiring). We decided to ride up to Attibele on Hosur road and back, which would total ~50km. Then findingΒ  that Hosur was just another 5 kms away, decided to ride to Hosur Flyover – the main bus stop – and come back by late morning.

We planned to start at 5:30 AM, but due to usual delays which included my rear brakes getting dismantled(god knows why, it was ok yesterday) We started at 6:15 AM from Bilekahalli(near IIM-B) on our two MTBs. Touched Hosur road and then it is dead straight (it is called Hosur Road remember :P) Going was relatively easy.We stopped at Chandapura at the 16.5 km mark for about ten minutes to refresh ourselves, and then restarted cycling. We reached Hosur around 8:15AM for a total time of 2 hours.

Me, Standing next to the Hosur Road Flyover
Me, Standing next to the Hosur Road Flyover

After whiling away quite a lot of time there, and searching for a cycle shop to refill air, we started the return journey.

The return was a real killer, If I was a cat, I must have lost 3 of my nine lives. There was a strong headwind, really bright sunshine and huge inclines(from a n00b point of view). I reached Chandapura again and made my first stop. I realized then that my fitness levels were in the “unacceptable” category πŸ˜‰

Drank some more gatorade and restarted cycling again, But the heat was getting me and my energy levels were sapping. At hosur, we originally had just Gatorade and one of those oats munch bars. I believe that was the first mistake we made(correct me if I am wrong) in not refuelling the “engine” πŸ˜€ Neither did we have breakfast, only a Nilgiris Cream bun.

I found moving on very difficult, and stopped near electronic city for a good twenty minutes under a shade of a fly-over going across the road above me, near the Elevated Highway toll-gate.

Then I restarted cycling and even the slightest inclines seemed to go πŸ˜› at me. I felt really drained out and felt the need to drink something to get some energy, stopped at a small shop and had a cold Pepsi. It made me feel a little better and the hot feeling around my head reduced. Then I slowly trudged along,Β  albeit grudgingly just wanting to finish the whole thing and honestly, thinking why on earth did I do this in the first place.. LOL. Each kilometer from then on seemed so distant. But now that I am home, I feel elated to have completed it. Many thanks to all the people who inspired me on Daily Mile and the Bangalore Bikers Club list πŸ˜€

Raring to go again πŸ˜€

Trip Statistics:

Distance: 67 km

Time: 04 hours 38 minutes

Overall Pace: 14.5 kmph

Route map and other info at DailyMile

BTW, my Iron Man housemate, Sunil, who is a regular at the neighbourhood gym reached an hour before me!

PS:- Also, took this lame opportunity to update my blog which has been in hibernation for a really long time πŸ˜›