WordPress for Android and the HTC Inspire

Trying out the WordPress for android app now and it is slick. But rgarding the actual phone, I have been using the HTC Inspire for a few weeks now(my first android powered device) and I should say, I am not too impressed. The UI feels a little clunky and I am not sure if it is an android thing or something to do with the way HTC has skinned the interface.

The main reason I bought this over the iPhone was because this supported flash and surfing the internet on the move is my primary requirements. Some of my friends argued that for most purposes, common sites had their corresponding apps on the iPhone. But it would be stupid to keep swapping between apps, so I bought the Inspire over the iPhone(albeit bought it in a hurry without doing any research both costing the same on a two year contract).

But, I was in for a surprise! The default android browser keeps refreshing on its own for most sites like crazy without any user intervention! And you can’t use Firefox for android, because it doesn’t come with flash! What?? Drat.. Yes, you could use the Dolphin HD browser, but on the whole it wasn’t a nice experience.

Do your research before buying it. I had been a happy camper on the Nokia side for the past decade, but they seriously let me down with maemo and then with meego, and my Nokia N900 feels like an antique with no future ahead. :-/