IBM WebSphere DataPower Certified!

And just when you began to think that I was letting my blog die without being fed with its much needed ‘posts’, I am back with an update!

After two weeks of training and POC’s I finally cleared the IBM Certified Solution Developer exam(Test-284) for WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances exam yesterday with a good score and held upto my manager’s hopes! The DataPower Certification exam was said to be quite tough and needed a lot of attention to clear it successfully!! The going was a tough one as there are a lot of questions in the exam with plenty of Use Cases and scenarios which weren’t completely covered in the classes, but most, which if you analysed the question correctly would narrow you down to two choices or less! All of this made me take up almost the entire duration of the exam, a little over two hours. I have found that I finished two other exams I took (Teradata Certified Professional and an IBM Certified Database Associate) with more than half an hour to spare. But ultimately, alls well that ends well!

A big kudos to the organisers, staff and mentors from IBM! (Tapan, Sateesh, Vanishree, Yaseen, Manu and all others!)

I also got to know that our batch were among the first people(after Yaseen) to take up this exam in the Asia Pacific Region! Cool! Makes it even more special! And with almost everyone clearing the exam, it was happy moments indeed!

I am now officially certified for WebSphere DataPower!! Yaay!!

10 thoughts on “IBM WebSphere DataPower Certified!”

  1. Charlz,

    Look at all available options as there are questions where you will be asked to choose the valid options available. Also, most of the questions are based on real-world use-cases, A careful reading of the question should be enough for you to correctly answer the question if you are fundamentally strong on DataPower.

  2. Boss me too in need of those DP certification questions….I have been working on this appliance for some time and not in a hurry to give the certi but wanted to how much i know and what all i need to work on.


  3. Venkat,

    Look at my replies to Charlz above, by options, I meant the options that you get when you configure any particular object or component.

    They should be good, and a strong grasp of basic functional concepts too, Pay close attention to Messaging Systems and their concepts. In short, follow the objectives of the exam, look up articles by throwing a quick search, you should be good enough to easily answer most of the questions, All the best!

  4. Hi Thiyag,

    Happy to inform you that i cleared the exam (Websphere Datapower) with 83%. Thanks for your suggestions. For most of the questions i could eliminate atleast two options.

    keep writing blogs………..

  5. Hi,

    I am Sowmya working for an MNC.I was actually surfing to check for Datapower training programs. This is for getting my employees trained on Datapower.I got to see your blog on DP. Can please tell where did you get this training done on DP. This info will be of great help for me. My email ID is


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