Dude where’s my Kevlar?!!

I woke up this morning, it was a normal day, opened my door and picked up the newspaper! Read the headlines hmmm… Turned to page 3 and wtf?!

Stray bullet injures techie

I was intrigued and continued reading! Apparently a lady by name Niharika Jeena, an employee with Cognizant Technologies was returning home when something hit her. This happened at the Ejipura Signal, next to the Intermediate Ring Road, Bangalore, holy crap!! Thats the route I have been taking every working day for more than a year now!! Apparently it hit her in her abdomen and then she was taken to the hospital by some wise passer-by in an autorickshaw. She is said to be out of danger now, thank god!

But now I am paranoid about taking that exact route and was almost bracing myself for impact on the way home! The cause for this unfortunate incident is suspected to be the Iblur Military Camp which is in the vicinity where routinely firing practice takes place. Apparently a bullet could have ricocheted and taken a different direction to the road, though the army vehemently denies that the bullet could have come from one of its weapons, saying that firing was stopped at 2:oo PM that day and this incident happened at night around 7:15 PM.

Getting fired at your job is one thing. Getting fired on your way back from your job is a totally different thing! I hope they investigate and find the root cause for this, or if nothing is taken up, I guess all of us using that route should add a kevlar helmet and a kevlar jacket to our ebay wish lists and hope we dont get fired at either end!

6 thoughts on “Dude where’s my Kevlar?!!”

  1. Holy Cow!! Are we talking abt lives here?? How can a bullet just appear from thin air.. and go round screwing people!! Thats insane. It says its the 5 th time.. We are in deep shit.. Bangalore is no longer safe. Macha kanda edathule ellam sudaraanga da..!! Time to expedite some serious investigation on this deliberation or else.. we are dead meat!!

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