Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong

Most of you must know about Murphy’s Law, which states that if something will go wrong, it will go wrong no matter what!! The same thing happened to me, We had developed something which was part of a series of items that were to be deployed. Everything was working to a T…

But when the D-Day arrived and when we had an ‘important’ audience.. the first item that we had developed just refused to work and do its function!! Rats!! I am still trying to figure out what went wrong! Most probably it isn’t something big and will resolve by itself tomorrow, or a small trace will identify the problem!!

But in the end, Murphy seems to always have his day!!

One thought on “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong”

  1. Nothing really goes wrong in life. We just have to learn to accept as it unfolds infront of us. We must not supress/fight the inevitable (change). Our lives including nature are in a constant state of flucks. A natural progression we have no power over. We must learn to live with and accept change. Either we adapt (follow the flow of the cosmic force) or we suffer the concequences of our choices. The results may not be not, tomorrow, 100 years but they are bound to catch up with us e.g. global warming. I can rather say: “Whatever happens is beyond control and understanding as a creature. For how can a creature understand the mind of a creator because that would be like becoming the creator”.

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